This channel is mainly about the stealth camping and general adventures I get up to, often joined by a friend, in my VW caddy maxi stealth micro camper van. But after seeing how well the micro camper van build video did, and after having various questions about the VW caddy camper, I thought I’d make this van tour video! It’s not only a micro stealth campervan, but also a mobile cinema van which I love! And as usual it wouldn’t be one of my videos without a twist of craziness!

The EcoFlow units I showed in this video are the best power stations there are, for 2 main reasons. First, they fast charge! 0-80% takes just one hour! (other brands take like 6-7 hours!) Second, you can charge them from ANY solar panel with a standard connection (some brands make you use their own solar panels by having a unique connector). You can also charge these using mains or the 12v socket in your car. check out their products here: Direct from EcoFLow: Amazon UK: Links to my van build products and all my kit: Instagram: adzventures1 #vanlife #ecoflow #microcamper Thanks for checking out the cinema van / micro stealth camper van tour!

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  1. Awesome build! Great video you two nice work! Great idea with the suitcases too, simple idea that you wouldn’t think of.

    1. Nah Becky just brings a bag whenever she comes along for the adventure. Only room for one case unfortunately!

    2. @Adz Ventures ah cool mate. I guess there’s still enough space for you two and also you didn’t need to build any extra storage into that area so made it quicker and cheaper.

  2. Use a Jackery 500. With solar panel. Cracking price of kit. Have a SWB transit custom done out as a “covert camper”. After years with a proper T5 with all the trimmings. I sat down and did a lot of “what can I do without” my word, did I do away with a lot. Still have loads of storage units. Two benches, two tables, benches become a U shaped sofa and then a full size double bed. Siberian larch ply used throughout, insulation, ply lined and carpeting throughout. Kept the bulkhead. No windows in the rear. Jackery provides power for spot and reading lights, phones, laptops etc. Can charge on the go as custom has a”3 pin” socket and top up with the solar panel. Nice van there by the way.

    1. The eco flow is far better than the jackery because it quick charges from 0-80% in just 1 hour! The jackery takes more like 6 hours. And with the jackery you have to use their own solar panels but eco flow allow you to connect any solar panel. Even the ones on the roof of the van! They’re definitely worth looking at mate. Thanks!

  3. As always love the video. Knew it was a good idéa to subscribe on the van build video. And don’t feel to much pressure from all these thirsty ass dudes in the comments. 😂

  4. The Becks is back! This was a charming video, Adz. You and Becktoria are a funny pair! Loved the surprise at 1:14! Great quick tour of the blue jellybean! Cheers. 🙂

    1. She usually just fires it out the door like a water pistol… haha nah we usually are parked by public toilets or nature

  5. Adz, quick question, I’m after a low-power fridge for my Van, run off a 1000w Solar Generator, the old fridge I have is pulling a constant 9w out of the battery and gives me about 11 hours of life. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

    1. If it’s drawing constant power I’m guessing it’s not a compressor fridge? Mines a 12v compressor and it seems to last for days even when there’s no sun for my solar panel. There’s a link to mine in the description mate

    2. @Adz Ventures Oh it’s a compressor Fridge – just older than you! Thanks. My las van build vid goes out tomorrow – then it’s back to the photography.

  6. You both are schmokin hawt!
    Great video and great VW!
    I have a 67 split window and am looking at the ecoflow with solar on top..

    1. Thanks Neil! Ah I bet that’s a nice van! But yeah there’s a lot of different sizes of the eco flows and all of them do the quick charging which is good! So much more convenient than the leisure battery with all the additional parts

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