This question comes up often: what does a Scrum Master do? The Scrum Guide stays very vague on this subject, giving just a few examples without going into detail. Learn the 7 Essential Scrum Master Skills for free: Or enroll in The Fundamentals of Agile Coaching: In this video, I’m uncovering the mystery for those of you who were wondering! Hopefully, it can help you understand the role to become a better Scrum Master (or maybe hire one).

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26 Replies to “What do Scrum Masters do all day? | ScrumMastered”

  1. When the recession hits these are the type of jobs that’s will be going aways and the first to get cuts. I know a few masters and they literally don’t do nothing 😆 but schedule. Any program u can take over the weekend and Certify, definitely shouldn’t have Master on it 😂…👨‍🎓..Printing Mill..

  2. Just saw this video because I had never heard of this job. I am a freelancer and one of my gigs is within Legal Services. I was approached to become a Scrum Master. But they are only offering $10-$12/hr? I’ve done research and I’m seeing average pay for this anywhere between $82k and $113k. What is a realistic rate of pay for a person who has never done this job before? I worked in the legal field for over 30 years doing different types of work. Really enjoyed the video. Thx for any help!

    1. they’re lowballing you, check the salary growth and if you can be promoted. entry is like you said 80-100K

  3. Hi Daria, thank you for the great video. According to your opinion, how much do you think a SM should be involved in “technical” part of the work?

    1. Hi Ivona, thank you!

      I think it depends on your skills and interest, to be honest, as long as you keep your mind in the Scrum Master mode, rather than developer mode. But I don’t think that a Scrum Master should be involved in the actual work unless they also play the role of a Developer.

      I am not technical at all, and I’ve never been involved in the actual technical work with the team.
      However, even though I do not have a technical background, I have a good understanding of good engineering practices and this is where I focus – bringing new ideas, practices, and tools to the team to make their work more effective.

    1. If the hours of work creators do to produce high-quality FREE content is not enough to give them your email, then what is enough? Do you work for free yourself?

  4. Say no more! I think this is the career that best suits my skills
    Right now i’m finishing my nursing internship but i don’t feel like its the career that i want
    Can you tell me if i wanted to make a career shift where do i start?

  5. I am looking to get a Scrum master job, may be pretty soon i’ll get one too… I have my CSM certificate… I have worked in an Agile scrum team for couple of years before, but I have a fear that what if im not able to guide the team well or help them out of a situation 🥴😵‍💫…. any advise pls.

  6. On the first minutes of your video, I was asking myself : is this a scrum master or project manager on V cycle video ?
    A little bit confusing at beginning but really interesting

  7. Thank you for this video!

    I am currently debating of whether I should go into the direction of becoming a Scrum Master and your video and further resources are a great help for me in regard to becoming a clearer picture of what all of this is about and what it translates to in every day life at the office, in your role!

  8. As a new Scrum.Master when is the best time to start applying for jobs after you’ve gotten your certification

    1. That’s a tough question. When you feel you are ready? And once you go through a couple of interviews you will have a better understanding of how ready you really are.

    1. I think developers are capable of doing that themselves, don’t you think? Scrum Master role goes much wider than that

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