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My name is Kate, I am a recent college grad, I studied marketing at Quinnipiac University and graduated Dec 2020. I am currently a digital marketer and I am lucky enough to work from home. I love sharing my life online with you guys so be prepared to see lots of work from home videos, digital marketing videos, fashion finds, tons of day in the life vlogs and of course come a long with me as I plan my wedding! ✨ Tags: what to do as a digital marketer, what do you do as a digital marketer, what is a digital marketer, what i do as a digital marketer, what i do in digital marketing, day in the life of a digital marketer, digital marketing manager, digital marketing, digital marketing day in the life, how to land a job in digital marketing, marketing day in the life, marketing job day in the life, marketing day in the life vlog, how i got a job in digital marketing, work from home marketing Current Subscriber Count: 9,918 #digitalmarketing #whatdoyoudoindigitalmarketing #digitalmarketingvlog #workvlog

26 Replies to “WHAT I ACTUALLY DO AS A DIGITAL MARKETER | Day In The Life Of A Digital Marketer + How I Got Started”

    1. Hello, spoke with admissions today for a digital marketing boot camp through the University of Minnesota.

    2. Definitely considering digital marketing! I’ve always been more of a creative/problem solver type of guy. Been in hard manual labor my whole life though. Trying to figure out how to make the transition lol 😂

  1. Loved this video! I recently got hired as a digital marketing coordinator. I’m excited as well as a bit nervous to start working as this is my first digital marketing job.

    1. Yo I’m getting my right now how would you say the course is like how long did it take you and how have you been since as far as work or internships

    2. @Jerry Martinez So far I have applied for a few jobs 2 rejections and one hasnt follwed up yet. I sent my own follow up.and no response from that one yet either. Im working on the meta ads cert now to hopefully expand my skills.

    3. @Chris Coul oh okay okay I’m in the course right now and it’s pretty good so far just wanted some insight on how it was working from sone one who alr took it

    4. that’s great! I’m going to start the course and wanted to know how long it took for you to complete it? Thanks!!

  2. l enjoyed watching this video. Please upload more videos related to Digital Marketing and some tutorials if possible😁

  3. I’ve been sourcing this video for a lot of my consideration for going into this job but I have a question for Kate or anyone who knows really: is it true you have to build a large social media following for yourself? I’m really not trying to have my name and face plastered all over the place it just isn’t who I am or what I’m comfortable with but a lot of classes I look into always mention building your own social media followings with your own profile…I’m really just trying to do work, indecent and easy, make some decent money and stay super down low. Something else I should look into like game story design?

  4. Great video!! Im so fascinated by your accent! It sounds American…but then I hear slight Australian twangs! Where are you from? 😇

  5. gah! everyone thinks owning ur own biz is better though it really is a milestone/achievement but such huge responsibility stress and hassle. I’d rather work for an agency or company too whatever they say about being a slave.

  6. I’ve only had my own digital marketing company where I did everything I never even thought of working for a digital company! That would be great how should I market my self on LinkedIn

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