Scrum masters: When it comes to monitoring and also interaction in task conferences, the scrum master beams. Find out concerning what a scrum master is and also why they’re crucial. Are you licensed in Scrum? Do usage Scrum?

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Scrum masters: When it comes to administration as well as interaction in task conferences, the scrum master radiates. Find out regarding what a scrum master is and also why they’re crucial.

27 Replies to “What is a Scrum Master as well as What Do They Do?”

  1. In real life the SCRUM master is the person who schedules the daily stand up meetings and prints out the burn down charts. It’s a job that a well trained Golden Retriever could do.

    1. Looked up the salaries for a scrum master. If that’s all I have to do, sign me the f**k up!

  2. Nicely done. Having done film and theatre directing, I see this job as falling into the Scrum master category. When done right a director is not the boss but a great facilitator, knowing how to get the best out of the cast and crew — except a director does have a real investment in the project so it might not be exactly the same. Thanks for this perspective.

    1. What is it? Will it be a good job for someone with a little bit of social anxiety? I’m trying to see if this will be a good path for someone I know

  3. Scrum sounds like a scam. I am seeing people who had history selling random knives door to door, now becoming “scrum masters”. No thanks

  4. Thanks, I wanted to apply for the Scrum Masterr position without knowing what actually it is.

  5. I clicked on your video because I wanted to hear it “straight with no chaser”. You delivered just that. No hype. Just the facts. Thank you. This was very helpful.

  6. in real life a scrum master schedules meetings about how to have productive meetings and are unnecessary middle managers who only feel important when they get to nag at people. supervisors or team leads are already at the meetings and can already make or approve tickets

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