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16 Replies to “what they don’t tell you about teeth whitening…”

  1. Thank You for educating us about this,I was thinking to go and whiten my teeth but I wouldn’t do it again.Thank you 🙏.Love you Pretty 💞.

  2. 🤔Wow! Yep 😫this confirms it for me as I too have VERY sensitive teeth. At this point my slightly yellow teeth will have to do until the end of time 😂🤣Thanks for sharing your experience

  3. Very informative! I had a comparable in office whitening treatment done about 15 years ago and had a very similar experience with the pain. I was a little surprised since the only side effect the office mentioned was possible sensitivity. No one mentioned it would be frequent jolts of extreme discomfort, described as ‘zingers.’ I am not sure I would do the same procedure again considering my results were minimal and the pain I experienced was excruciating. Thank you for sharing.

  4. I did whitening at the dentist a few years ago. NEVER again. They were horribly sensitive and my enamel was paper thin. Took several months for my teeth to feel normal again. I am on point with taking care of my teeth and will stick with flossing daily and crests whitening strips when needed.

  5. I got my done today and the pain is unbelievable. Those sharp “zingers” pain everyone is referring to is real! I did 4 1/2 15 min sessions and during the 5th session I couldn’t handle it anymore. Can’t rest and it’s hard to eat. You can only eat white foods for 48 hours to avoid staining while the pores are still open. I took 2 500mg Tylenol, 6 200 mg Ibuprofen and nothing helped. Just coated my teeth with some sensitive toothpaste and left it on for 5 mins and they seemed to alleviate the pain slightly. Drinking water out of a straw definitely helps. Don’t do it if you don’t want to suffer

  6. I totally agree with you! I got my teeth whitened yesterday and wow. It’s an ugly experience and I wouldn’t do it again. Your absolutely right about how no one really talks about what actually happens during and after the procedure. It’s very uncomfortable and your teeth are good enough btw!!

  7. LOL i did this 7 years ago and im laughing my ass off at reading everyones experience in the comments. Nice to know I was not the only one that experienced this haha

  8. I did it it 7 years ago and like everyone else said NEVER AGAIN. Here I am again after invisalign ready to whiten them again lol. LETSS GOOOOO, Im scared because I know whats coming lmao

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