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    1. @Coco those are different and use a total different enamel chemical pap strips are way better in my opinion.

    1. I would just search up whitening strips near me and it would work for you or go on Amazon and search it up

  1. pls help me .i tried this for about 30minutes..and then after i took it off..my teeth has only white spots 😭its not balanced..it ruined mine

    1. That’s the fucking matter don’t use the products without the permission of doctor they recommend it good
      And this fucking youtubers are just sponsor it and we use it like a shit

    2. @Cute Gamer Yt these youtubers are misleading people by showing fake products I have reported this video

  2. Hi , I hope that u read this. I accidentally skipped 2 days and then continued to use again. However my teeth become yellower than before. What should I do now? Should I continue?

    1. Hi Inggrid, if you’re using the HiSmile ones then you would only need to use one treatment every so often. I would discontinue using and give your teeth a break and use one strip again maybe next month. I would also recommend messaging HiSmile to see what they say too. I hope that helps! Xx

    2. Thanks for the reply. I’m using crest now but it’s been 9 days 🙁 should I discontinue right now?

    1. Hi Somia, the link to the product with name and price is in the description bar. I hope that helps and thank you for watching Xx

    1. Yes brush your teeth first and then apply. I prefer doing this just before I go to bed. I hope that helps!

    2. @FBI we got em Whitening strips are used to remove stains / discoloration. Just brush your teeth twice a day with a good toothpaste, floss, and mouth wash. Pretty much

    1. Oh no are your teeth dry enough when you apply them, sometimes I need to wipe my teeth before apply them as they can slip around. Also tuck the excess up and over the teeth. i hope that helps and thank you for watching! xx

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