Woo Auction Software is built for WordPress website owners who want to run successful auctions on their websites. This feature -rich and easy to use WooCommerce Auction plugin provides the ultimate WordPress auction solution Download the FREE plugin here : https://bit.ly/wooauction The Woo Auction Software auction management plugin is built with scalable features – 🔥 Forward Auction – Simple forward auctions to build a variety of auction sites — antiques, art, or charity auctions. 🔥 Reverse Auction – Set up auctions to invite sellers and vendors to compete for the lowest bid price. 🔥 Quality Assurance –Quality tested with the latest WordPress and WooCommerce versions. 🔥 Extensive Plugin –Integrated with WooCommerce Hooks that makes it easily extendable. 🔥 WooCommerce Templates –Uses the “WooCommerce templates” system. Helps to create and work with popular WooCommerce themes. 🔥 Widgets –Rich Widgets to use in sidebars or homepages.Admins can promote auctions using the starting soon, ending soon, and upcoming auctions widgets. 🔥 Variety of products to host –Supports multiple product types (Physical, Digital, Virtual Products/Services). 🔥 Email Notifications –Participants are automatically sent configurable emails, before and after auctions begin or end. 🔥 AJAX Updates Support –Ajax updates of latest bids and prices. 🔥 Customer Pricing –Define your price configuration: Starting Price of Auction, Increment Levels, Buy it now price, Reserve Price, Penny Auction credit adjustments, etc. 🔥 Schedule Auctions –Schedule Auctions in advance with a set start & end time. 🔥 Define Bid Range –Define your bid ranges for increments. At lower prices, the price for the next bid can be a smaller range ($10), for higher-priced products the minimum increment can be a higher amount ($100). 🔥 WooCommerce Payment Integration –Supports multiple payment gateways. 🔥 Local Translate Auctions –Multilingual compatible (PO Files) available to help translate the auction in any language as desired. 🔥 Anti sniping –Anti sniping feature allows other users to place bids on the auction in the last seconds of the auction end. Automatically extends auctions by a custom period to prevent last minutes bids and sniping. 🔥 Proxy Bidding –Allows users to place system-generated auto bids on auctions. 🔥 Bid Watchlist – Users can keep track of bids happening on their favorite auctions by adding them to a bid watch list. 🔥 Exclude auction fields –Selected fields will not be shown on the product page. For example: If you do not want to show the ‘Item Condition’ text on the product page, you could select ‘Item Condition’ from the select dropdown. 🔥 Penny Auction (Pro) – Set up fast, exciting, bidding fee auctions where participants pre-pay non-refundable fees. 🔥 Multi-Vendor Auction (Pro) –Enable end-users to create their auctions. Charge a fee for auction setup(via multi-vendor plugin) #WooCommerceAuctionSettings #WordPressPlugins #WordPressAuction Plugin #WooCommerceAuctionPlugin

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