WooCommerce Review for 2022, is the most popular ecommerce plugin for WordPress any good? Full written review: https://www.ecommerce-gold.com/woocommerce-review/ Well that is what we are looking in this review and below are the timestamps for all of main sections: 00:00 Intro 00:39 Pricing 02:05 Features 05:41 Themes 09:07 Support 11:13 Getting Started 14:58 Inventory Management 17:56 Order Management 19:28 Conclusion WooCommerce is the popular ecommerce plugin for the WordPress CMS and also one of the most popular options for building an ecommerce store for small to medium size businesses. In this review we are looking only at using WooCommerce for self-hosted ecommerce websites, not the WooCommerce plugin that is available for wordpress.com sites. To get a good overview of whether or not WooCommerce is any good, we will be looking at many different aspects including pricing, features, themes and a general overview of what it is like to use.

This in-depth review should help you gain a better understanding as to whether WooCommerce is going to be a good option or not for your ecommerce business. If you would like to support the channel, you can do by buying me a coffee using the link below and it is very much appreciated: https://www.buymeacoffee.com/ecommercegold Check out the EcommerceGold Facebook Community Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/ecommercegoldgroup

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  1. Woocommerce 40 gb a month all coverd plugins you can buy lifetime one off payments keeps the cost very low has for hosted that you talk about you don’t want to be tied into a hosted any serious business would not use hosted basically for beginners newbies hosted is okay gives them a chance to see how e-commerce works, but yet again when you want to jump ship all the URLS with have shopify wix etc so you have to start all over again, SEO is horrible on these hosted platforms, and that in it self will make most business fail, then their are scammers who use hosted most people don’t trust these hosted because like you have said cheaper to run criminals scammers love this set up, any way this is my experience I hope you leave my comments on but it wouldn.t surprise me in the least if you remove.

    1. You just contradicted your first comment “any serious business would not use self hosted” and then “Self-hosted gives the user more control over everything” + “a lot better for serious business” so which one is it?
      I don’t promote Wix at all, I’m one of the few who doesn’t and in my case Ecommercegold?? Ecommercegold is a blog and a YouTube channel, not an ecommerce platform.
      The costs get bigger no matter what you are using, whether it is Shopify or WooCommerce, that comes as part of growing an ecommerce business. Self-hosted can be a lot cheaper but it can also be more expensive, each business is different and I know a lot of ecommerce businesses who have moved from self-hosted to hosted platforms because it is easier and in some cases cheaper.
      Hosted is for newbies, ok, so why do a lot of large ecommerce businesses use hosted platforms?

    2. @EcommerceGold Hi i see sorry about that probably was a bit tired any way self hosted is the way to go open source more flex better all-round run on dedicated or VPS Cloud, then your not tied to a private set up I learned this the hard way spent 4 years on trading eye then one day all 6 developers just shut it down, what you don’t tell customers is that wix shopify or websites like these you are stuck with monthly payments every time you want to add something to your website you can bet its not covered on that price plan, to get to a fully functioning e-commerce you are paying the top money every month, as some have said also why rent when you can buy, well any way I’m sure you all ready know this my main point was try to come across a bit fairer when talking about woo WordPress magento etc and don’t make out its a lot cheaper on hosted platforms, as cheap as it is will cost you big time in the end just like me wasred years online and had to start all over again as also the URLS on hosted don’t belong to you so as you know start all over again, a lot of wasted years and a lot of loss in revenue, take care ecommercegold I wish you well mate.

    3. It is all about what works best for each individual business, for some self-hosted is the way to go, for others hosted is the way to go. I just give my opinion on them as someone who has run both self-hosted and hosted ecommerce websites and I think I am fair and a lot fairer than many others who do what I do.
      The thing is, you aren’t safe with self-hosted platforms either as there have been ones that have stopped being supported and updated and people have been left in the same situation as you were and have had to move to a completely new platform and faced all of the problems with URLs etc, that is the joys of technology as not everything can go on forever.

    4. @EcommerceGold Yes i agree to a point when you stated your woo WordPress sites used to crash customers saying this does not work etc because of update most professional websites devs have test websites test before update to tackle this me included so I have never had any issues and have ran eccomerce for ten years and it cost £40 a month so the cost factor is much cheaper than the hosted expensive types, my test website runs on the same server no added cost. i honestly think hosted like Wix Shopify Ecwid or what ever is okay for newbies starting out has most have no clue how to run a successful business and most fail as you know, so the cheap hosted is better for this customer, or customers using your type of service for photography or small set ups having a go , any way its been nice talking to you shall we leave it at that.

    5. You are welcome to your opinion but there are lots of large ecommerce companies that use hosted platforms, so they aren’t just ‘okay for newbies’, they are a good option for all types of ecommerce businesses. You just need to find the right option for your business and if WooCommerce works for you, then that is awesome but it might not be a good option for others.
      I did have a staging site to test updates but I still had issues that didn’t flag up in testing and only found out when customers told me, I’m just passing on my experiences and as I said my opinions, people (like yourself) are welcome to disagree. But yes, I think we shall leave it at that.

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