There are four steps to setting up a WooCommerce site and I break down each of them in this video! Click below to join the Waitlist For My Amazon FBA Course Sign Up For Hostinger: 0:00 Intro 1:12 Buy Hosting 4:17 Setup Your Hosting 6:33 Woocommerce Setup 15:46 Design Website 17:28 Plugins 19:00 Advance Features Instagram:@Travismarziani Tools I recommend: Sign up using one of the links below and I will give you a free 1 on 1 consultation Shopify: Siteground: Helium 10: Jungle Scout: Assume all links in the video & description are affiliate links and that by using them you are supporting the channel, so thank you!

33 Replies to “WooCommerce Tutorial 2022 – Step by Step Guide for Beginners”

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  2. I use your coupon but i didn’t get any FREE COURSE as you said, you told me to contact you by mail but you don’t reply to my messages.

    1. Hey wido! I haven’t checked my emails yet as I am currently travelling, I’ll get back to you as soon as I can!

  3. I watched your another video that mentioning siteground is better. How come you are recommend a different one here? I hope you give your honest review regardless of the affiliate fee you get from the company.

    1. @Travis Marziani oh ok thanks one more question plug in WordPress into a hosting u got to also suscribe to WordPress plug in as well? So you paying for the host and you paying for the WordPress plug in? You paying to two different folks basically am I right?

  4. Wow…you are amazing! Very fast but totally understandable…and you packed so much into a brief video without one wasted word or going down any tangents. Thank you.

    1. Great to hear that! I try to keep it concise and straightforward to make it easier to understand especially by beginners. By the way, are you setting up your own online store?

    2. @Travis Marziani I’m not setting up an online store…not yet…have to study some more. Your video here was a great first step. 🙂

  5. Hostinger doesn’t look anything like your video…it gives me only one option for $2.99. a month. I’m lost already…can you explain the difference? I really want to do this.

  6. Hi my products are showing in every single category and not only the category assigned for the product. For example I have beverages loaded 1 product but then that product shows on all my other 4 categories as well

  7. Does this no longer work? I purchased the Hostinger Business Plan but the rest of the steps in the video are no longer working. WordPress won’t let me connect my domain from Hostinger or WooCommerce unless I upgrade my WordPress to WordPress Business? Please help if you have any advice.

    1. @Travis Marziani What is the best theme you recommend to get started for beginners? For an e-commerce store

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