Obtain Hosting and also Install WordPress (note – I’ll gain a tiny compensation and also you’ll gain a price cut when you utilize this web link): https://createaprowebsite.com/hosting Invite to this WordPress Tutorial for Beginners|Detailed 2019! TIMESTAMPS: Action # 1: How to Install WordPress 0:46 Action # 2: How to Log Into WordPress 7:02 Action # 3: How to Navigate the WordPress Dashboard 8:16 Action # 4: How to Add a New Theme 11:41 Action # 5: How to Install Plugins 13:57 Action # 6: How to Customize Your Website 17:00 Action # 7: How to Add Pages 23:54 Action # 8: How to Create a Blog Post 27:06 Action # 9: Publish Your Website! 30:30 ASSOCIATED BLOG POST —————————————–

How to Use WordPress Tutorial []
VARIOUS OTHER HELPFUL VIDEOS —————————————– What is WordPress?: What is Web Hosting?: Leading 5 FREE as well as Best WordPress Themes|2019: Exactly how to Make a Website in 10 Min or Less: Just how to Create a Contact Form in WordPress: Just how to Embed an Instagram Feed on Your Website: FOLLOW & CONNECT WITH United States ————————————————– My Website:
How to Create a Website: Step-by-Step Beginner’s Guide []
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21 Replies to “WordPress Tutorial for Beginners|Step-By-Step”

  1. Great job Dale!! Continue doing great work!

    I had no clue about creating a website. After a bitter experience buying the website elsewhere, I was clueless about how to get my website rolling. I am excited to build my own with this step-by-step guide to creating my own website and make-up for the loss. This video had everything to get started with my needs.

  2. the best tutorial yet…. much better than the WordPress paid courses that I have taken so far

  3. Hello thanks for the video the most informative one i watched far now , and ive watched alot😫
    Just a question I can download wordpress for free right?

  4. This worked until I got to “just click on the customize button.” That button doesn’t exist for me. The closest is a little pen icon, and “Edit Page” prompt. But, when I click that, a bunch of gobbledy goop like “focus keyphrase” pops up. I can’t figure out how to insert a single word into my site. (Maybe because I am using a different theme??) I appreciate this tutorial, wish I didn’t hit a brick wall with the customize button…

    1. Sorry to hear that the button is not there. Unfortunately, this is one of our older tutorials and everything continues to update as time flies by. If you would like to still build your site with WordPress and Elementor, then you can check out our most recent tutorials on the channel. We are constantly putting out updated tutorials to keep up with all the change.
      Here is one of the most recent tutorials on the channel. Starting from the wordpress dashboard.
      Hope this helps.

  5. If I already set up a WordPress account, did the pages, paid them for a domain name am I still able to use Host Gator?

  6. Sir, don’t take this wrong, but I fucking love you!!!!!! OMG! I sat for two days in a stale mate screen staring contest with my computer and trying to set up and use word press. I learned on wix, but decided to make the change and almost broke down in tears of frustration yesterday.
    See, I was watching another YouTuber, who is good, but for some reason I was getting to the same spot and then it kept falling apart.

    So I told myself to try another YouTuber, maybe they would explain it better!

    And that’s why I Fucking love you!!!! Lol, you got me past the dog and I feel I might actually get my site up now! I will share your videos to some other newbies I know! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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