WordPress or coding web apps from scratch with HTML CSS and JavaScript? As software developers, why do we learn to code web apps with JavaScript when we can just use WordPress? We’ll compare WordPress with hand coding, see that WordPress and coding with HTML CSS and JavaScript aren’t much different, and why I recommend software developers to learn WordPress. Contact: https://supersimple.dev/feedback Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/supersimple.dev 0:00 WordPress is a framework like ReactJS 0:41 Why devs should learn WordPress 1:59 WordPress features 6:48 WordPress can make complex web apps 8:18 How it works 9:27 But don’t get a WordPress job #javascript #softwareengineering #wordpress

16 Replies to “WordPress vs coding – why devs SHOULD learn WordPress”

  1. biggest difference would be “Time”, time is valuable resource if you make complex custom website then doing manual coding is a good way but if it’s just simple things then wordpress would be a good option to save time, 2 days manual coding can be cut short into just 2 hours, most people who want website in my area are usually just want website to show their services/product and they do most of transaction via whatsapp and other external method anyway so they don’t really need custom things and just want website to show their service/product + contact link via email, whatsapp, etc. and all payment, transactions, etc. they’ll just do it themselves directly to customer so rather than wasting time making custom web it’s just faster make it using CMS like wordpress and get paid quickly, it might not be a real developer work but as long as the one who want the website didn’t mind how you make it you’ll get paid anyway whether you make it custom or just drag n dropping things

  2. WordPress is good for simple web-site and for things, which you can find plug-ins. To create an own theme is still fine. But! if it is necessary for you to write an own plug-in, the nightmare begins. DON’T DO THAT. It is built on a bad engineered structure. Choose one of million web-frameworks in the internet. Many of them can create blog+comment+login in a day (but not features rich like WordPress).

  3. you know your the one who actually taught me CSS which is good an all but after this vid thanks for
    destroying my hobby. If you read this I’m just messing with you but rly

  4. You act like you have to code everything yourself, you could get packages to do cms / etc with node or django (I think I don’t actually know)

  5. thank you for the video. however, i have a question , why did you say that wordpress itself is weird? please explain further

  6. For me I’ve been using WordPress with a list of plugins available and a mix of custom plugins written in svelte and typescript. Lot of predefined css available from WordPress themes to avoid coding in svelte

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