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20 Replies to “XCP NG Storage & Migrations Explained”

  1. Hello i just installed xcp ng on my epic setup with 32 cores and 64 threads, how do i add all 64 threads in a VM ? is it possible ? thanks!!

  2. Hm, interesting how does it switch out the storage device at runtime, is that a xen feature or does it provide a proxy to the actual Hypervisor?

    1. That’s the beauty of how their storage API works, it makes storage have one common interface for the VM regardless of the back end

  3. Fixing to setup my first xcp-ng server with local storage, so perfect timing. Also is the any updates to building xcp-ng from source since your last video?

  4. I’ve tried asking in XCP-ng forums but have yet to receive an answer so hopefully you can answer this question.

    What are the requirements for a Suspend SR? I would like to be able to take snapshots with VM memory but I don’t know if I can simply set my primary SR to also be a Suspend SR or not. Last I looked there was nothing in their forums or docs explaining how to configure it.

    1. @Lawrence Systems Thank you! Set my primary SR as a Suspend SR and snapshot with memory worked perfectly! I was worried setting that on my primary SR could potentially cause issues (worst being VM lockups or vdi corruption) so I’m glad that didn’t happen.

  5. Proxmox user here, but you’re slowly convincing me to test out xcpng. I really like containers though. Question – If the xcpng1 VM lives on SAN1 and xcpng1 goes down. Can you start that VM on xcpng2 using an import or other feature? In proxmox you can create a new VM using a backup of a VM from a different proxmox host. Is it similar in xcpng? Thanks

    1. Sure, And many other ways. Direct migration, start the VM from backup, or even create a VM from snapshot.

  6. I was really hoping you would talk about XOSAN v1 or v2. It’s always mentioned in the documentation, but I have never seen it in action. Perhaps XOSAN is just a Hoax?

  7. How does Windows licensing go when migrating VM’s around to different hosts? Do you get license reactivations?

  8. What’s the reason you didn’t want to use HA-lizard for production use?
    Have not tried it myself but it looks pretty neat.

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